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Voluntary Standards Cover the Spectrum: from Airport Emergency Planning to Vocabulary in Medical Equipment Programs


In an effort to communicate the vital role that standards play in daily life, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) publishes snapshots of the diverse standards initiatives undertaken in the global and national standards arena, many of which are performed by ANSI members and ANSI-accredited standards developers. Two of the latest selections follow:

Airport Emergency Planning

Protocol for emergencies is essential to assure the safety of the public. To that end, incidents due to real or perceived threats in airports are common, and require planning for safe and orderly operations. The American National Standard (ANS), National Fire Protection Association's NFPA 424, Guide for Airport/Community Emergency Planning, describes the command, communication, and coordination elements of an airport/community emergency plan (AEP) that require consideration before, during, and after an emergency has occurred to provide effective delivery of emergency services.

NFPA, an ANSI member and audited designator, is committed to producing and promoting consensus codes and standards, research, and training and education, and works to prevent fires as well as to lessen the impact of fires when they do occur, which includes developing procedures that will keep firefighters safe and healthy.

Vocabulary for Medical Equipment

Medical devices range from sensory aids to computer hardware and software, and are an integral part of healthcare systems. But the terminology used by healthcare technology professionals, device manufacturers, regulators, and clinicians can impede effective communication and collaboration if there is a lack of consistency. To address this issue, AAMI EQ93:2018, Medical equipment-Vocabulary used in medical equipment programs, specifies consensus terms relating to medical device and servicing repair.

The standard was published by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), an ANSI member and accredited standards developer dedicated to enhancing the ability of healthcare technology professions, healthcare institutions, and industry to understand, develop, manage, and use medical instrumentation and related technologies safely and effectively.


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