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Register for International Workshops on ISO 31000 Guidance on Risk Management Systems


Register by October 1

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) encourages relevant stakeholders to register for two workshops to develop an International Workshop Agreement (IWA) on using ISO 31000 guidance on risk management in management systems. Released in February, ISO 31000:2018, Risk Management-Guidelines, can be used to better position organizations to achieve objectives, improve the identification of opportunities and threats, and effectively allocate and use resources for risk treatment.

Prospective participants can register by October 1, 2018, by following the guidelines in the ISO invitation.

The IWA will aim to:

1) Enable businesses and organizations to benefit from using ISO 31000 guidance on risk management in their existing management systems; and

2) Promote ISO 31000 among management system standards users and promote the use of management systems to users of ISO 31000.

The first workshop will take place on October 15 at BSI in London, with an informational pre-workshop meeting to take place on August 6. The meeting is open to experts nominated by an ISO national member body or an international organization that could be considered to be an international liaison. The workshop will cover the summary of progress since the introduction of ISO 31000, discussion of the first draft based on materials sent out ahead of the meeting, and recommendations and next steps.

The second workshop on November 12, 2018, also at BSI in London, will cover the summary of progress since the first workshop, a review of comments and submissions received on the first draft, and the final review.

Access the ISO invitation.

Read more on Access New Version of ISO 31000 Risk Management with Standards Subscriptions from ANSI.


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