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Workcred to Join Event on Talent Pipeline for the Healthcare Industry


Session to focus on Healthcare Workforce Training, Assessment, and Credentialing

Workcred leadership will join experts at the North Eastern Regional Employment and Training Association (NERETA) summit, to focus on developing a talent pipeline for the healthcare industry. Roy Swift, Ph.D., executive director of Workcred, affiliate of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), will deliver his presentation entitled "Emerging Needs in Healthcare Workforce Training, Assessment, and Credentialing: Moving from a Profession/Occupation Focus to a Competency Focus," on September 17 in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

As the pace of health care transformation accelerates, there is a greater focus on improving the quality of patient care outcomes, and what is often called the "Triple Aim": (1) achieving lower per capita costs, (2) improving patients' experience of care, and (3) improving the health of populations.

To this end, new models of delivering care is emerging and evolving. Dr. Swift will focus on the critical element in achieving the Triple Aim visionone that is not being sufficiently addressedfound in the retooling of the healthcare workforce. The impact of rapid changes in healthcare and its delivery has a significant impact on workers who must learn new roles and tasks as the industry retools to meet demands within a changing landscape. Developing appropriate and relevant skills requires collaborative, consensus-based efforts among health care systems and governmental agencies as health care delivery evolves from a profession based skill set to a competency-based one.

Dr. Swift will join other experts at the NERETA summit, which has three goals:

1) To help regions from across the country develop talent pipelines for the growing healthcare industry

2) To help local administrators establish a healthcare sector/cluster strategy for their region

3) To help healthcare professionals establish a working relationship with workforce development, economic development and higher education professionals to collaboratively promote healthy communities.

About Workcred

Formed in 2014, Workcred's mission is to strengthen workforce quality by improving the credentialing system, ensuring its ongoing relevance, and preparing employers, workers, educators, and governments to use it effectively. Its vision is a labor market which relies on the relevance, quality, and value of workforce credentials for opportunities, growth, and development.


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