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Get Involved: U.S. TAG Participants Sought for ISO Technical Committee on Ageing Societies


TC 314 Promotes Lifelong Support and Quality of Life in Ageing Populations

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the U.S. member body to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is seeking expert participants for the ISO Technical Committee (TC) 314 on Ageing Societies. All U.S. stakeholder organizations in relevant fields and industries are strongly encouraged to get involved.

ISO TC 314 on Ageing Societies focuses on work that promotes lifelong support and quality of life in ageing populations. The technical committeecomprised of experts representing 18 countriestakes a holistic approach in addressing services and products that can help manage the advancement of ageing societies, and assess where innovation and technology require standards to support this demographic. An objective of this work is to enable people to remain independent throughout their life with a sense of value and contribution to their communities.

What are Ageing Societies?

"Aged Societies" (defined by ISO as a country where more than 14 percent is aged 65 and older) are on the rise worldwide. This segment of the population, however, poses several challenges, which can range from medical needs to personal care, and methods to combat isolation.

ISO TC 314 is currently considering work items on the following subjects:

- Ageing Societies -- Framework for Dementia-inclusive communities: This international document would provide a framework for dementia-inclusive communities, including principles and the considerations of inclusion, quality of life, built environments, special needs groups and stakeholder engagement. The document would aim to promote further standards development and collaboration with service providers, standards makers and other interested parties.

- Ageing Societies -- Guidelines for an inclusive workforce: This international document would provide generic guidance for an ageing inclusive environment within the workforce. The document would include recommendations to provide quality, meaningful work that empowers workers of all ages to add value to the organization.

Prospective U.S. TAG participants for ISO TC 314 or for those seeking more information should contact U.S. TAG administrator Megan Sepper (UL) at [email protected] or the ANSI ISO Team at [email protected].

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