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Registration Open For 2019 World Standards Day Hill Event


Co-Chaired by ANSI and NIST, the theme will be "Codes and Standards�Protecting America's Energy Infrastructure and the Built Environment."

Don't forget to register: The U.S. Celebration of World Standards Day Committee - co-chaired by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) - will host the 2019 World Standards Day Hill event on July 25, at 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at HVC-201 A&B at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center. The event will focus on the theme "Codes and StandardsProtecting America's Energy Infrastructure and the Built Environment."

Register now on the CVENT page and see more information on the official eventflyer.

Without effective codes and standards in place, the nation's expansive energy infrastructure and the safety of millions of people would be at risk. Collaboration between standardization experts and federal agencies is integral to safeguard business operations, the workers who support them, and the American public. These efforts also enhance public safety in the built environment, supported by standards for accessibility and safety, and standards and codes related to fire and electrical safety and constructionto name a few.

The Capitol Hill event will feature speakers who will offer insights on collaborative and ongoing work, and discuss the role modern codes and standards play in keeping us all safefrom homes to work to classrooms. Experts will represent ANSI, the American Petroleum Institute (API), the International Code Council (ICC), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning (ASHRAE).

Presenters will also discuss the importance of continued federal investment into research to advance code and standard development and through incentives to encourage broader code and standard adoption.

Codes and Standards Development Improves America's Safety

Disasters call attention to the importance of codes and standards to safety in energy infrastructure and the built environment. In response to BP's Texas City Refinery explosion in 2005, tragedy led to action, when API worked with ANSI and a diverse group of stakeholders to develop the first ever fatigue risk management system guidance for the refining and petrochemical industry. Federal agencies also underscore the importance of standards and codes during times of crises: FEMA conducts after-action mitigation assessments to review building code and standards performance after disasters in order to assess what might need improvement. NIST conducts fire testing, fire investigations, and resilience research, all with a focus on hazards to buildings to provide a technical basis for improved codes, standards, and practices.

Expert panelists will include:

- Mary Saunders, Vice President, Government Relations, ANSI

- Debra Phillips, Vice President, Global Industry Services, API

- Jim Wolf, ASHRAE President 2000-2001, and Chair of the ASHRAE Multi-Disciplinary Task Group on Low GWP Refrigerants, ASHRAE

- Mark Roberts, Senior Regional Manager of Government Relations, ICC

- Seth Statler, Director of Government Affairs, NFPA

Please direct any registration questions to ANSI's Stephanie Carroll: [email protected]. The widely attended event will include lunch. The event will also feature exhibits from standards developing organizations and networking opportunities.

About World Standards Day

World Standards Day was initially launched in 1970, and is now celebrated by nations around the globe. U.S. activities are organized annually by a planning committee consisting of representatives from the standards and conformity assessment community.

The event is co-chaired each year by ANSI and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). See


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