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Support Ageing Societies: Call for U.S. TAG Participants


Join Now: ISO Technical Committee (TC) 314 on Ageing Societies and IEC's Systems Committees for Active Assisted Living (SyC AAL)

As part of a continuing effort to support the quality of life of the growing ageing population, the American National Institute (ANSI) encourages all relevant stakeholders to get involved in the International Organization for Standardization's ISO Technical Committee (TC) 314, Ageing Societies, and the Systems Committees for Active Assisted Living (SyC AAL) for the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

More than one in five people will be 60 years or older across the globe in 2050, according to World Health Organization (WHO) estimates. As international life expectancy increases, the elderly face a number of challenges, as they require more medical needs, necessitate personal care, and experience isolation. In response to these challenges, IEC and ISO have developed committees to address issues related to healthy ageing and ongoing societal changes of this rising population.

About ISO TC 314 on Ageing Societies

As ANSI previously reported, ISO TC 314, established in December 2017now comprised of experts representing 20 countries takes a holistic approach in addressing services and products that can help manage the advancement of ageing societies. Backed with the support of experts and U.S. TAG participants, the committee helps assess where innovation and technology require standards to support the ageing demographic. An ultimate objective of ISO TC 314 work is to enable people to remain independent throughout their life with a sense of value and contribution to their communities.

TC 314 has three Working Groups (WGs) developing standards in the following areas:

WG 1 - Ageing workforce: This WG is working on a document that would provide generic guidance for an ageing inclusive environment within the workforce. The document would include recommendations to provide quality, meaningful work that empowers workers of all ages to add value to the organization.

WG 2 - Framework for dementia-inclusive communities: WG 2 is working on a document that would provide a framework for dementia-inclusive communities, including principles and the considerations of inclusion, quality of life, built environments, special needs groups and stakeholder engagement. The document would aim to promote further standards development and collaboration with service providers, standards makers and other interested parties.

WG 3 - Carer inclusive: WG 3 is working on a document that would provide a framework for requirements for an organizational program for workers and carers providing care to the ageing population.

About the Systems Committees for Active Assisted Living (SyC AAL)

SyC AAL for the IEC supports independent living of the ageing global population as well as others of any age group that require support due to illness or disability. The committees have six active working groups and seeks support in the following areas:

WG 1 - User Focus Gather and document user stories and use cases

WG 2 - Architecture and Interoperability Develop system architecture for how the systems communicate (software, interoperability, privacy)

WG 3 - Quality and Conformity Assessment Develop conformity assessment for AAL products

WG 4 - Regulatory Affairs Gathering and developing a list of regulatory requirements worldwide

WG 5 - AAL in the Connected Home Environment Horizontal integration and interoperability aspects related to AAL concepts, products, AAL services, and systems

WG 7 - Cooperative Multiple Systems in Connected Home Environments - Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic Safety-Related Systems - AAL Aspects Specifies functional safety requirements of products operating together in a connected home environment

ANSI, the U.S. member body to ISO, and via its U.S. National Committee, the IEC, encourages the participation of U.S. TAG participants, who have the opportunity to influence the content of standards and documents in progress, and drive the standard development process.

Prospective U.S. TAG participants for ISO TC 314 or for those seeking additional information should contact U.S. TAG administrator Grace Roh (UL) at [email protected] or the ANSI ISO Team at [email protected].

Read more about ISO TC 314 on Ageing Societies and the Systems Committees for Active Assisted Living (SyC AAL). See related article: Get Involved: U.S. TAG Participants Sought for ISO Technical Committee on Ageing Societies


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