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Ethics in Autonomous and Artificial Intelligence Applications: USNC Participants Needed


The U.S National Committee (USNC) of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is seeking participants for its Systems Evaluation Group (SEG) 10 that focuses on Ethics in Autonomous and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications. The USNC is a totally integrated committee of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

SEG 10 comprises a group of experts whose purpose is to identify ethical issues and societal concerns regarding autonomous and AI applications relevant to IEC technical activities. As the SEG is an open forum, wider participation by the U.S. is encouraged either by providing information in the area of ethics on the U.S. national level or by participating in a Working Group (WG).

Participation by people outside of the typical IEC standards community, including social scientists, philosophers, academia, regulators, internet technology and operational technology experts, and end users are encouraged.

SEG 10 Scope

SEG 10 functions to identify ethical issues and societal concerns relevant to IEC technical activities; formulate recommendations to the IEC Standardization Management Board as appropriate; develop broadly-applicable guidelines for IEC committees on ethical aspects related to autonomous and/or AI applications; and ensure work consistency across IEC committees.

WG 1 focuses on Autonomous and Artificial Intelligence Applications (AAA) Societal and Ethical Foundations. WG 2 focuses on Autonomous and Artificial Intelligence Applications (AAA) Specific Ethical Requirements.

The group also:

  • Fosters cooperation with ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1, Information Technology, Subcommittee 42, Artificial Intelligence
  • Considers any change needed in the IEC Use Case Template to address ethical issues and societal concerns
  • Sets up relevant fora during IEC general meetings, and invites other relevant groups to participate in discussions

What is a Systems Evaluation Group (SEG)?

An SEG is a larger, open group used in the first stage of systems development whose role is to engage the community of experts, identify the relevant stakeholders, and define the general architecture and boundaries of the problem to be addressed.

The next meeting will take place during the 83rd IEC General Meeting in Shanghai, China in October.

To participate in SEG 10 activities, please contact USNC program manager Ade Gladstein at [email protected].


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Senior Director, Communications & Public Relations


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Journalist/Communications Specialist


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