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ANSI Announces Approved Revisions to Operating Procedures


On November 20, 2019, the ANSI Board Executive Committee (ExCo) approved revisions to the Operating Procedures of 12 Committees, Forums and Councils of ANSI to bring those Operating Procedures into alignment with ANSI's newly revised By-Laws. Both the Operating Procedures and the By-Laws will go into effect on January 1, 2020. An article announcing the By-Laws changes can be found here.

Among other things, the changes to the Operating Procedures:

  • reiterate that all 12 Committees/Groups/Forums now report to the ExCo;
  • replace outdated language describing the "responsibilities and functions" of each Committee/Group/Forum in the Operating Procedures with the new language from the By-Laws;
  • clarify voting and non-voting membership rights in each Committee/Group/Forum and the responsibilities associated with each type of membership;
  • regroup information (e.g., membership, voting/non-voting rights, meeting reports, etc.) in a "standardized" manner for consistency and ease of navigation;
  • replace references to the Code of Ethics with the new Code of Conduct;
  • clarify that the Committees of ANSI are responsible for making decisions for ANSI and thus, their members should be made fiduciaries to ANSI;
  • clarify that the Policy Advisory Groups (PAGs) are advisory in nature and that their members are not fiduciaries;
  • incorporate a Disclosure Policy for Consultants/Advisors to all the Operating Procedures of the PAGs;

  • update the role of the Nominating Committee so that it is responsible only for the nominations of open Officer positions; and

  • allocate the CAPC duties to the National and International PAGs so that their responsibilities include conformity assessment issues.

    The final and approved Operating Procedures are available here.


    Jana Zabinski

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    Beth Goodbaum

    Journalist/Communications Specialist


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