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New Content! Workcred Unveils Final Phase of Updates


Workcred has launched the final phase of its website re-design this month, with additional features, updates, and interactive graphics that provide in-depth details about credentials. The re-design, with phase one changes revealed in May 2021, reflects a more mobile-responsive and user-friendly's Latest Features

To provide easy access to news, graphics, events, reports, videos, podcasts, and other timely information, Workcred's homepage features a quick-action select box, with short-cut access to need-to-know content.

Now located within Workcred’s publications and events section, new interactive graphics include a "How Do Credentials Differ?" chart that details the elements of certificates, certifications, degrees, and licenses. You can now select a specific credential to access more details, or view and download the entire chart to see a comparison of all four credentials.

Additionally, as the post-secondary credentialing system in the United States evolves and grows ever more complex, involving numerous public and private organizations and entities, Workcred's other interactive graphic depicts and highlights the relationships among the organizations that interact to form the "U.S. Post-Secondary Credentialing System."

What’s New?

Workcred has also recently added new content to its What's New feature, including access to the July 20, 2021, editorial "Increasing Value Through Certification and Degree Pathways," co-written by Workcred's Karen Elzey, associate executive director, and Isabel Cardenas-Navia, Ph.D., senior director of research, and published in the online newspaper, The EvoLLLution. Additionally, check out the latest video in the Workcred Expert Series “The Ins and Outs of Quality Crane Operation,” broadcast by RVN Television’s Morning Coffee.

Lastly, to be published this month, Workcred’s feature editorial, “Everything You’ve Ever Learned,” highlights learning and employment records (LERs) as a promising solution to the challenge of capturing and communicating the skills of individual workers to a wide selection of employers. With the potential to equip employers with the tools necessary to maximize hiring, promotion, and upskilling, LERs are digital records detailing a person’s education, training, and work experience, and are verified through a distributed system similar to blockchain. The article will be featured in Issues in Science and Technology, Vol. XXXVII, No. 4, Summer 2021.


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