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A new Op-Ed published on, "Rules of the Game: Standards and Competition in Emerging Technologies," authored by ANSI’s Mary Saunders, vice president, government relations and public policy, in collaboration with Stephanie Wander and Giulia Neaher of the Atlantic Council, highlights the importance of coordination and effort among the U.S. public and private sectors in emerging areas of standardization.

The article emphasizes that an open, rules-based standards system fosters an ecosystem of growth, innovation, and opportunity while facilitating market access and fair international trade. Among other standards topics, the editorial also touches on the recently revised United States Standards Strategy, a publication which affirms the U.S. commitment to standardization that meets global needs and supports a global trading system.

Mary Saunders serves as a liaison between ANSI and federal, state, and local government agencies and Congressional staff. She also authors monthly editions of the ANSI Government Relations and Public Policy Monthly Update, accessible via the government outreach section on

Stephanie Wander is acting director of the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center, which champions the use of technology for good and assesses the intersection of tech and geopolitics. Giulia Neaher is an assistant director with the GeoTech Center, where she works on artificial intelligence, data, and standardization.

Access the article, highlighted with other recent features on ANSI’s in the News section: Rules of the Game: Standards and Competition in Emerging Technologies."


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