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Register for an International Workshop on Net-Zero Guiding Principles


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) encourages relevant stakeholders to attend an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) workshop focused on the development of an International Workshop Agreement (IWA) on “Net-Zero Guiding Principles.” View the ISO invitation.

Hosted by the British Standards Institution (BSI), the workshop will be held virtually in two identical sessions on July 13, 2022, to accommodate all regions. The session is one of three virtual workshops in the series, to be completed before September, followed by publication in November. Registration is required; visit to register and receive updates, including relevant research and documentation.

Background on Net-Zero Guiding Principles

Net-Zero is a target goal set for carbon neutrality, where the amount of greenhouse gases produced by human activity is completely negated through reduced emissions and implementing methods of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This initiative seeks to provide definitions and other guiding principles surrounding Net-Zero, specifically:

  • Definition of (sub-planetary) Net-Zero and related concepts
  • Guidance on how the Net-Zero concept should be incorporated in initiatives, strategies, and policies
  • The basis for accountability mechanisms and measurements – such as development of consistent indicators enabling reporting and communication

Learn more in the BSI website on the initiative: our2050world

What is an IWA?

An International Workshop Agreement, or IWA, is a document developed outside the normal ISO committee system to enable market players to negotiate in an “open workshop” environment. A member body typically administratively supports IWAs. The IWA may serve as a starting point in developing standardization work that will support enhanced safety in the consumer market.


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