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ANSI Acronym Glossary for Common Standardization Terms Now Available


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has developed a new resource for newcomers and all stakeholders in the standards community: an acronym glossary.

The online guide spells out some of the most common acronyms found on ANSI’s website and throughout U.S. and international standardization activities (particularly those of the International Organization for Standardization [ISO] and the International Electrotechnical Commission [IEC]). Each entry in the acronym glossary includes a link to an example of the term’s use within ANSI’s work, or that of the Institute’s affiliates and partners.

Access ANSI’s Acronym Glossary.

The glossary is part of a greater initiative by ANSI to expand information resources for the standards community. These resources include:

  • A new FAQ page on that provides clear and concise answers to frequently asked questions about ANSI, standards, and the U.S. and international systems, with links to detailed information
  • An expanded career opportunities page that publicizes job openings in the standards community, both within the Institute’s corporate family (ANSI, ANAB, and Workcred), as well as relevant positions with ANSI members and partner organizations
  • A directory of online education and distance-learning resources provided by ANSI members, accredited standards developers, and other partners
  • A webinar series led by ANSI’s Organizational Member Forum (OMF) on planning and executing hybrid meetings more effectively. Click and watch the first and second sessions.
  • A practicable resources webpage to help ANSI members and organizations throughout the standardization community adapt to new ways of working, strengthen operations, and emerge even stronger after the impact of COVID-19

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