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Morning Coffee Expert Series with Workcred Focuses on Untapped Talent Pool: People with Disabilities


The latest broadcast of RVN Television's Morning Coffee Expert Series examines how credentials can unlock opportunities and open doors for people with disabilities, one of the nation’s valuable untapped talent pools.

In the episode, Roy Swift, executive director of Workcred, shares his insights with Jane Oates, president of WorkingNation, a nonprofit media and journalism organization, about how credentials can help to assure that individuals with disabilities can effectively convey their skills and knowledge to employers.

The experts discussed why hiring people with disabilities is a business imperative to retain talent and skills to support operations. In recent years, many businesses have shifted to telework or hybrid working arrangements, creating more opportunities for a diversified talent pool, particularly for people with impairments. With credentials, people—including individuals with disabilities­—can show their skills through quality assessments and get the job that they want, the experts noted.

“Workcred looks at the quality, market value, and effectiveness of workforce credentials. And today, one of the things that we feel is very important, when we talk about credentials, is that it’s not just credentials, it’s credentials for everyone,“said Dr. Swift. “A credential is the added value to getting the particular job that you want,” he said, noting how credentials can help enhance hiring and quality jobs with good pay.

Watch the video episode: “Realizing the Full Potential of Untapped Talent.”

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