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Credentials for the Mind and Body: Workcred Expert Series Looks into Credentialing Opportunities in Health and Fitness


The latest broadcast of RVN Television's Morning Coffee Expert Series, featuring Dr. Roy Swift, executive director of Workcred, examines the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness and credentialing opportunities within the fitness organization CrossFit.

In the episode, Bobbi Millsaps, quality and accreditation manager at CrossFit, discusses credentialing opportunities for trainers seeking to attain a greater degree of knowledge and proficiency in fitness. She is joined by Swift, who frequently educates about trending fields that have a growing number of certification holders.

Millsaps explains the benefits of functional movement and how fitness is a way to prevent illness, noting how becoming a trainer is a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in people's lives.

CrossFit offers different training options, including its Level-1 ANSI-accredited certificate course and the Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT), an ANAB-accredited certification program.

While some physical therapists and those already in healthcare become trainers, credentialing options within CrossFit are open to a broad range of candidates.

“It's very important to remember that the college pathway is not the only pathway,” said Swift. “There are many career opportunities that people can explore and have good salaries and so that's an important message to our audience.”

Watch the recent video episode: “The Importance of Fitness to Health.

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