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Building Quality Construction Professionals with Credentials: Access the Latest Episode of the Workcred Expert Series


The construction industry is the ultimate team sport, requiring commitment, skills, and manual labor to build a quality project safely, but where do credentials fit in? The latest episode of RVN Television's Morning Coffee Expert Series, featuring Dr. Roy Swift, executive director of Workcred, and guest Boyd Worsham, president and CEO of the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), looks at how credentials add value to the construction industry, and how they can open horizons for millions of craft professionals.

“I think credentialing is so important,” Swift emphasized. “It gives identity to the construction worker, the professionalism that they deserve.” He noted that through training and certifications, workers can move upward to highly successful executive jobs in the field.

Boyd, who helped construct the building he now occupies as a CEO, spoke about his optimism for the industry. He explained how NCCER, a provider of construction education for industry and career and technical education programs, offers a High School Builder Program for aspiring builders to help them achieve highly reputable and industry-recognized credentials. The education foundation also offers programs for experienced craft professionals to earn credentials and certifications.

“Certification has always been important. It's always been critical to document what you've been taught and that you can show and display that knowledge, and show the proficiency that goes with that knowledge,” he said. He noted that NCCER helps to certify instructors and accredit programs, and offers training material with curricula in more than 40 construction craft areas. Most recently, the organization launched a construction superintendent certification program.

While construction is an industry open to all, diversifying the workforce–and making them more aware of the opportunities in the industry—is a goal. “We need to be a more diverse industry and the industry knows that. The industry is looking for women to come into our industry at a higher rate,” Boyd explained. “We're looking to serve and support underrepresented populations in our industry. There is a large emphasis on how we can diversify our industry better and be more beneficial to a broader group of new entrants than we have in the past.”

Find out more about NCCER and watch the recent video episode: “Workcred Expert Series: Construction and Maintenance Craft Professionals.”

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