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Standards on Ice: U.S. Figure Skating Launches Centennial Celebration


From their impressive double toe loops to triple axels, figure skaters have mesmerized audiences for decades. This year, U.S. Figure Skating is celebrating its centennial anniversary, recognizing its iconic competitors, members, clubs, and fans. In light of the celebrations, ANSI looks at a few standards that support the sport and this historic skating moment.

Safety on the Ice for Athletes

ASTM F1703-13, Standard Guide for Skating and Ice Hockey Playing Facilities, provides consistent considerations for the design, construction, and retrofitting of ice skating and ice hockey playing facilities. It is intended to establish guidelines that will provide a level of functionality for recreational skating, conformity for the purpose of competition, and reduce potential hazards to skaters, players, game officials, spectators, and employees.

The standard, which was developed by ANSI member and audited designator ASTM International, is intended to be used by owners and operators of ice skating and hockey facilities, as well as construction companies, architects, and others.

Standards that Support Viewing Entertainment

An American National Standard from the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE), a member and accredited standards developer, helps us enjoy the skating entertainment at home, at least for now.

ANSI/SCTE 07 2018, Digital Transmission Standard For Cable Television, describes the framing structure, channel coding, and channel modulation for a digital multi-service television distribution system that is specific to a cable channel. The system can be used transparently with the distribution from a satellite channel, as many cable systems are fed directly from satellite links.

Within the skating stadium, international standards from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) can support the audio for the athletes' music selections, whether they prefer Elvis or Lady Gaga. These include two standards developed by IEC Technical Committee (TC) 100Audio, video, and multimedia equipment:

  • IEC 60268-5 Ed. 3.1 en:2007Sound system equipment - Part 5: Loudspeakers, which applies to sound system loudspeakers, treated entirely as passive elements. Loudspeakers with built-in amplifiers are excluded.
  • IEC 60268-4 Ed. 6.0 en:2018Sound system equipment - Part 4: Microphones, which specifies methods of measurement for the electrical impedance, sensitivity, directional response pattern, dynamic range, and external influences of sound system microphones.

These are just a sampling of standards that support the competitors and their fans alike. To read more about U.S. Figure Skating, and a few fun throwbacks, visit:

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