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ANSI Biofuels Standards Coordination Panel

ANSI Biofuels Standards Coordination Panel The ANSI Biofuels Standards Coordination Panel (ANSI-BSP) is a cross-sector coordinating body established to promote the development and compatibility of voluntary consensus standards and conformity assessment programs necessary to support the large-scale commoditization of biofuels.

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BSP Overview

From field to end use, biofuels developments are progressing at a rapid pace. Private and public sector stakeholders the world over are keen to address a broad spectrum of topics ranging from feedstock properties to performance specifications. By establishing a framework of fundamental issues, the ANSI-BSP will:

  • Evaluate the inventory of existing biofuels specifications to determine relevant standards and conformity assessment programs
  • Identify gaps where new or revised standards and compliance programs need to be developed; work with the relevant organizations to coordinate, catalog, accelerate and promote the creation of these deliverables
  • Identify the need for testing procedures, analytic methods, and reference materials; work with the relevant organizations to satisfy these needs
  • Promote positive, cooperative partnerships between the public and private sectors and among stakeholders on the global stage

The ANSI-BSP provides a neutral venue where interested parties can collaborate to define needs, determine work plans, and establish priorities for updating or creating new voluntary consensus standards and compliance programs. The ANSI-BSP does not itself engage in development; rather, it works with national, regional, and international bodies to achieve convergence and mitigate duplication or overlap.

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The ANSI-BSP is open to participation from any affected stakeholder, including representatives of industry, trade/professional associations, standards developing organizations, code developing organizations, conformity assessment bodies, government agencies, consumer groups, organized labor, and academia.

The intent is to create a highly inclusive forum with participation from a range of perspectives that is not disproportionately dependent upon any single interest, organization, or stakeholder group.

The American Petroleum Institute, in cooperation with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASTM International, the National Fire Protection Association, SAE International, and Underwriters Laboratories, has developed an online resource that illustrates how the standards of these organizations fit within the distribution chain for ethanol and biodiesel fuels.

ANSI-BSP Meetings

 The inaugural meeting of the ANSI-BSP took place on Wednesday, May 9, 2007, in Arlington, VA.

Document Library

The ANSI-BSP Document Library contains documents relating to the work of the Panel.

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