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FAQ Document Released to Help Clarify the EU's RoHS 2

On June 15, 2012, the European Commission released a document detailing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) concerning the EU's Restrictions on Hazardous Substances Directive 2001/65/EU (RoHS 2). Because RoHS 2 is expected to have a significant effect on trade and business operations both for companies that do business with EU member nations and businesses with operations in the EU, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recommends that affected stakeholders download and review the new FAQs, which are available here.

The new directive modified the EU's Restrictions on Hazardous Substances Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS), which first came into effect in January 2003 and limited the uses of a variety of noxious substances within the EU with the intent of minimizing associated risks to human life and the environment. RoHS 2 was enacted on July 21, 2011, and is scheduled to come into effect on January 3, 2013, when all EU member nations are required to have integrated its provisions into their respective national laws.

RoHS 2 is intended to simplify the directive while also providing legal clarity and improving the enforceability of the directive's restrictions on hazardous materials. The directive seeks to minimize the use of hazardous substances during the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), which is expected to reduce future human exposure to associated dangerous substances contained in waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). In addition, RoHS 2 mandates a European Commission review of all restricted substances by July 2014, implements a new methodology for assessing suspected hazardous substances, and sets down clear rules for the granting or removing of hazardous material restriction exemptions, among other changes.

The FAQ document is designed to assist governments, businesses, and other organizations in their analysis of the provisions of RoHS 2 in order to ensure full compliance with the new requirements contained in the directive. Comments and questions regarding the current version of the FAQs can be submitted to [email protected] by September 14, 2012. A revision of the FAQ document that may address submitted comments is expected to be published before RoHS 2 is put into effect.

ANSI works to provide its U.S. manufacturer members and other stakeholders with relevant, up-to-date information and a coordinated voice when addressing domestic and global chemical regulations. The ANSI Chemical Network conducts teleconferences each month to discuss relevant issues concerning chemicals, the supply chain, and significant regulations [see related news item]. For information about becoming involved in ANSI's chemical-related activities, including the teleconferences, contact Susan Bose, ANSI manager, membership services ([email protected]; 212.642.4948).


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