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Register: ANSI-HDSSC ""InterAgency Board (IAB) Standards Development Priorities"" Roundtable



The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Homeland Defense and Security Standardization Collaborative (HDSCC), in collaboration with the InterAgency Board (IAB) for Emergency Preparedness and Response, will host a meeting to focus on responder standards development priorities on March 27, 2018, in Washington, DC. The meeting will highlight expert discussions and feedback from federal agencies, standards development organizations, and responder stakeholder organizations.

Register for the event or view the draft agenda.

The IAB is a collaborative panel of emergency preparedness and response practitioners, federal employees, and subject matter experts representing a wide array of technical expertise. The IAB facilitates the exchange of knowledge and ideas to improve national preparedness and promote interoperability and compatibility among local, state, and federal response communities.

Based on direct field experience, IAB members advocate for and assist with the development and implementation of performance criteria, standards, test protocols, and technical, operating, and training requirements for all-hazards incident response equipment.

Each year, the IAB develops a list of standards that do not currently exist but are needed for the responder community. The priorities for 2017 include (more details in the draft agenda):

1. Guidance for initial first responders at an incident involving chemical agents

2. Guidance for initial first responders at an incident involving biological agents

3. Test method(s) and performance specification for biological field detection instruments

4. Guidance for handling contaminated remains in mass fatality incidents

5. Guidance for minimizing personnel contamination and performing decontamination related to structural fires

6. Test method for security and reliability of wireless links between unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and the controller

7. Guidance for tactical medics deployed during law enforcement operations

8. Standard and accreditation program for special weapons and tactics (SWAT) teams

9. Test method for less-lethal conducted energy weapons

10. Performance standard for less-lethal impact (i.e., kinetic energy) devices using a launching system to fire projectiles

11. Performance standard for distraction devices

12. Performance standard for body-worn video cameras used by public safety practitioners

13. Performance standard for tactical operation video cameras

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