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Impactful Lessons and Helpful Resources to Take into 2024


What are the issues that matter most to the standardization community, and how are we working together to pave the way to a productive future? In light of the new year, ANSI reflects on some of the leading issues, projects, news, and networking events that united our efforts to create a difference.

Tracking Tech Updates with Leading Headlines

Technology-related headlines were among the most read news articles in 2023, including calls-to-action to get our community involved. Following one such call to action, ANSI submitted a coordinated response on behalf of the private-sector standardization community to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Request for Information (RFI) on the implementation of the United States Government National Standards Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technology.

Throughout the year, we saw how U.S.-led standardization work with helps support using AI responsibly, and revolutionizes healthcare systems. We also examined what Congressional staff should know when drafting bills that impact standards development during ANSI’s Hill Event on Supporting U.S. Leadership in Standards for Critical and Emerging Technologies in May.

Our efforts didn’t stop there: We continued the conversation about technology in Fall 2023 during ANSI’s premier event, World Standards Week, where the leading discussion Will Generative AI Rewrite the Future? gave our community an opportunity to share insights about how generative AI is transforming industries, and recommendations to assure its responsible use. Check out more leading tech-related headlines in the USNC Current issue on “Artificial Intelligence.”

We anticipate much more collaboration and standardization work to support AI in the new year, particularly in relation to the recent Executive Order (EO) that establishes new standards for AI safety and security.

United Efforts Across the Globe: Keeping Track of International News

Among our leading international headlines, we saw how the work of Standards Alliance: Phase 2 continues to help increase the capacity of developing countries to implement accepted international best practices to reduce instances of poor quality and unsafe products, services, and infrastructure.

In April, ANSI, together with the U.S. National Committee (USNC) to the International Electrotechnical Commission, the German Institute for Standardization (DIN), and the German Commission for Electrotechnical, Electronic, and Information Technologies of DIN and VDE, hosted a bilateral U.S.-German Standards Panel. During the event, speakers highlighted the profound ties and transatlantic partnership that unite the U.S. and Germany, with shared values and an industry-driven approach to standardization. And in August, U.S. and Korean officials and experts convened to discuss standards development, technology trends, and market trends across critical and emerging technology (CET) sectors at the 2023 Korea-U.S. Standards Forum, co-hosted by ANSI and the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS).

In addition, ANSI’s August visit to China and its meeting with the U.S. Embassy in Beijing is highlighted in the ANSI in China Newsletter.

From Sustainability to Workforce News: ANSI Affiliates Take Action

The ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) was busy this year, hosting a Credentialing Conference and Client Day in August and making accreditation headlines—supporting the healthcare industry and sustainability along the way.

And just a few months ago, ANAB introduced a brand-new website providing in-depth explanations of its ongoing training, assessment, and accreditation programs.  

Among the dozens of headlines from Workcred, its new report, developed in collaboration with the University of Texas System, serves as a framework to guide the development and implementation of microcredentials and how they can be combined with undergraduate experiences. Workcred’s staff frequently provides insights and updates about the value of credentials in its ongoing Morning Coffee Expert Series.

Better Meetings, Project Updates, and Crossword Fun: Resources for our Standardization Peers

In 2023, we launched brand new resources for newcomers and all stakeholders in the standards community! To show how standards impact nearly every aspect of human life—supporting the safety and reliability of products, processes, and systems, and helping people work safely and efficiently, ANSI launched The Impact of Standards page, featuring news, fun facts, illustrations, an ANSI news crossword, and more.

For those of us still lost in a sea of confusion when it comes to standardization work, ANSI’s acronym glossary spells out some of the most common abbreviations found on ANSI’s website and throughout U.S. and international standardization activities.

With the launch of ANSI’s “This Week in Standards Development” segment on the ANSI homepage, we made it easier to find listings of American National Standard (ANS) proposals and approvals, and view project updates on committee work all in one place.

Power comes with greater numbers: To help make U.S. participation as robust and effective as possible, ANSI, through its new FAQs on U.S. participation in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) page, compiled a list of frequently asked questions that offer a wealth of information for U.S. TAG members, leaders, and other stakeholders.

To help you become the most effective meeting-holder around, ANSI's new video resource offers expert insights and concrete recommendations on leading effective virtual and hybrid meetings.

For the next generation of standards leaders, ANSI encourages college students to read about standards, and start the year with a winning submission (and a cash prize) by entering ANSI’s 2023 Student Paper Competition!

In another opportunity for the next generation, the USNC launched a new award competition for students and young professionals: The USNC Don Heirman Award Program, giving students and young professionals the opportunity to compete in an annual paper competition on the topic of Electromagnetic Compatibility.

These resources and achievements are just a small selection of 2023 news. To read about other news updates, visit ANSI’s news page.

“We continue to be inspired by our peers in the standards community, and we’ve gained many insights from 2023 that we’ll use as a guiding light for the year ahead,” said ANSI CEO and president Joe Bhatia. “As always, our goal is to improve U.S. competitiveness and quality of life through standardization, and I look forward to furthering this mission in 2024.”

ANSI staff wishes its members, stakeholders, and the greater standardization community a happy and healthy New Year!

If you have news to share with ANSI to consider for publication in 2024, please email the ANSI communications team at [email protected].


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